Hello, my name is Ashley!

Hello! I’m Ashley, a Delaware girl living in Charlotte, NC. I’m a lover of travel, pop culture, food and design.

My travel love affair began in my twenties with a month long trip to Europe that opened my eyes to the world in a new and exciting ways.  Over the past 15 years, I’ve tried to experience as much as I can.  I’ve worked in the corporate world booking travel for top executives for over 8 years, as well as helping friends and family dream and plan their perfect vacation.



Why the Constant Wayfarer?

I believe that being a collector of experiences rather than material things adds to the story of your life. My dream is to partner with you to plan an experience that is not only fun, but helps you see others and yourself in a new way, and I've learned that can be accomplished on any budget!

This site is for the real people like me. We have jobs, families, (you know, real life responsibilities), but also want to see the world and have an adventure. We are saving up a little extra cash to go somewhere nice. We don’t want to stay in a run down hotel but can’t afford the $600 a night luxury hotel. We want to go out and have a nice meal and enjoy ourselves while not breaking the bank.

I want each trip you take to be well planned, work within your budget, and, most importantly, add color to the story you want your life to tell. Let me help you cultivate your own inner wayfarer.


"Our trip to NYC was a blast. Ashley has such a great knowledge of the city so the logistics for our outings were planned perfectly. Getting around the city was simple with her tips for travel.  Her recommendations for restaurants were top notch. We were blown away! Trip of a lifetime planned by The CWF."

-Sarah Kay W. 

"Ashley helped me plan the trip of a lifetime to NYC for my 30th birthday. She knows the city inside-out and gave us great recommendations on where to go, what to do, where to eat, and everything in between. She absolutely knocked it out of the park for us and was such a joy to work with as we planned our trip."

- Bekah B.