Let's curate your next adventure!

Who We Are

The Constant Wayfarer was born out of a desire to turn every traveler into a storyteller. My dream is to partner with my clients to plan an experience that is tailor made just for you. I would love to help you create the trip of your dreams, and make memories that last forever!

How it works


Fill out the contact form below with the location and dates of your trip. Don’t know where you want to go and when? That’s ok! I can help you look at your budget and decide where you should go.


We will set up a time to meet by phone or in person. Then, we will go over the logistics of your trip. I like to get a feel for how you prefer to travel and what your vision is for the trip. What memories and stories do you want to come home with?


The process of building your travel itinerary begins including flights, hotels, entertainment, and dining suggestions. Once you are happy with the itinerary and the suggested budget, you have the option of booking everything yourself or I can book everything for you.