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What I Wore | Wedding Weekend

What I Wore | Wedding Weekend

Hello Friends!! I have just returned from an amazing weekend in Massachusetts, celebrating my best friend's wedding! It was truly a spectacular weekend. I will be sharing more pics from our time in Newburyport, MA in the weeks to come. I can not even tell you how excited I am to see pictures from the wedding. It poured rain, but it didn't matter. It was so full of joy and laughter and dancing. I was honored to be a bridesmaid and stand by my BFF's side when she married her love. 

I have prided myself on how to pack everything I need into a carry on, but I have to say this weekend proved to be a big challenge. There were so many different events this past weekend that required a different dress code. And of course, how do I pack a bridesmaid dress and not completely destroy it. 

So here is what I packed for 5 days. Including a rehearsal dinner dress, bridesmaid dress, bachelorette party outfit and an outfit for a night out to Fenway Park. 

I will say, if you are packing a bridesmaid dress, you may have the option to hang it in a closet on the plane. When booking your flight, check to see if the plane model has closet space. If they do not (like mine), you can pack the dress in a dry cleaning bag or tissue paper to help alleviate the wrinkle factor. 

And one more tip, buy a travel size steamer. I got mine from Marshall's for $15 and it has gone on so many trips with me. It has proven to be a life saver when it comes to wrinkled travel clothes. 

For the Plane- 

Exploring Newburyport- 

Madewell Courier Shirt ( similar ) |  J. Crew Jeans  |  Gena Sandals

Madewell Courier Shirt (similar) | J. Crew Jeans | Gena Sandals

Rehearsal Dinner- 

Bachelorette Party- 

Wedding Day Getting Ready- 

Bridesmaid Outfit- 

J. Crew Maxi Dress  |  Sandals  | Vintage Clutch ( similar )

J. Crew Maxi Dress | Sandals | Vintage Clutch (similar)

Fenway Park- 

I really can't believe I was able to fit all this and a steamer and lounge clothes and undergarments in my carry on. I feel really accomplished you guys! Have you ever had to pack for a destination wedding? Let me know your biggest packing dilemma in the comments. 


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A long overdue announcement...

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