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Airport Security

Airport Security

With the news this week that the TSA is relaxing some of its security measures (see this article in the New York Times)... I had some thoughts about Airport security and thought I would share some of my tips for getting through the line quickly and efficiently.

1.  Wear slip off shoes- Listen ladies, I get want to look fashionable and wear some really cute knee high boots with your leggings that you try to convince the world can also double as pants (they can't so let's cover up the booty a little shall we?) but getting those boots on and off can be a hassle. So keep to shoes that will easily sleep off and on. For me its always a pair of ballet flats or lately these super comfy moccasins...

2. Keep all Toiletries handy and in a clear bag- It's hard, especially if you are a girl to keep with the 3 oz, quart size bag rule (I mean we have a lot of things that keep us looking beautiful. Am I right ladies?)  But having your little quart size bag in your purse keeps it easily accessible while going through security. No digging through your carry on luggage and holding up other people. If you don't want to put all your stuff in one of those flimsy plastic bag...this simple clear cosmetic bag would be perfect...

3. Don't Forget about Laptops- The same rules for easy access apply to traveling with a Laptop. Make sure that whatever case you have your laptop in will open easily and can be accessed without a lot of rummaging.

4. Check your Coat- You will have to remove your coat, Hats, gloves, and belts-so its best to not even wear those to the airport. I have those things packed away in my carry on or just draped around my arm so I can easily place it on the belt without having to struggle taking it on and off.

5. Identification- I place my ID and Boarding Pass-in an outer compartment of my purse before I even enter the airport, that way when I get to security I can just get it out while waiting in line and hand it over to the TSA officer.

So those are just a few things I try and remember when going through security. It just helps to be organized and have things as easily accessible as possible so you can get through security and to your gate on time.

So what are your tips and tricks for dealing with the TSA? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear them!

Dream stays

Dream stays